• Do you feel something is off and yet unsure of what it is?
  • Are you hearing noisy chatter in your head, all the time?
  • You can’t seem to focus and you are certain that you need to do something big?

Well, stop sitting on the fence of uncertainty and start dipping your toes in your journey of transformation.

This is a 4-5 session plus 1 additional follow-up session

  • Up to one hour of one-to-one follow-up session either in person or over skype, to clear out major negative emotion and limiting beliefs and some coaching
  • Clear major negative emotions :
    • Anger
    • Sadness
    • Fear
    • Hurt
    • Guilt
    • Rage
    • Shame
  • Remove your limiting beliefs and get unstuck
  • To change unwanted behaviour, food habit or strategies

This package includes:

  • Goddess Assessment
  • 1 session Emotional Declutter & Certainty Session
  • Channel Chaos Into Harmony Process(Lite)
  • Ongoing support: up to 20 emails within 90 days of the session

To REGISTER Call 1-647-831-2689 or Email Sue@SueQuah.com

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