Goddess Withinā„¢ Leadership

This is the Secret and Magic to Create the Life of Your Dream, NOW! In 8 days, you will learn about the secrets and magic using worldā€™s top mind body techniques and Hypnosis. This is a board Designated training and its optional.

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Magnified HealingĀ® - Goddess Withinā„¢ Ancient Healing Weekend

2 days to learn Healing with Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. Powerful yet gentle ancient healing modality allows you to transmute karma and transform difficult situations and more. You can use this technique for self and others.

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Wizard Withinā„¢ Modern Hypnosis

Want to get 10,000 times more focus? This is it! Learn the magic, the results based Modern Hypnosis in just 2 days. Tap into your higher self for the blueprint for perfect health and wealth. Lead with your Goddess Withinā„¢ passion! This technique is for self and others, and eligible for Board Designation if you choose to be.

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